SEO Mike Chatfield

Search Engine Optimisation


Getting your website to rank on Google isn’t dark magic – though it can sometimes feel like it. With algorithms, meta descriptions, sitemaps, geo-tags and a multitude of other things to consider, keeping up to date with search engine optimisation best practice can feel overwhelming. I understand that business owners have much more on their plate than PPC, canonical info and Google analytics.

My SEO services lay the perfect foundations for high rankings, and I offer a range of ongoing packages to ensure your business remains at the cutting-edge. All of my services meet Google’s latest guidelines – and I’m always on standby to provide support and assistance whenever Google updates its rapidly evolving algorithms.

Local SEO

Local marketing is more important than ever, with millions of people using their smartphones on-the-go to find search results that are relevant to their location. My local SEO services give your business the best possible chance to rank for local keywords, leveraging things like location sitemaps and geo-tags to make sure your site is ranking in searches within your target area.

Google Search Console Submissions

By submitting your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools), you gain access to a huge array of useful tools and resources which can help with your SEO efforts. As well as taking care of the initial sitemap submission, I can help you leverage those vital tools to grow traffic and enhance your website, monitoring everything from bounce rates to page load times to ensure maximum SEO benefits.


Pay-Per-Click is a form of paid marketing which works excellently when combined with an organic strategy. An effective PPC plan can help drive traffic to your website, reinforcing your brand presence on Google and leveraging the data collected to enhance your paid search endeavours.